Friends, today we have brought for you a Powerful True Motivational Stories in English 2020. This story will help you a lot in reaching your goal.

Powerful True Motivational Stories in English 2020

True Motivational Stories in English

If an average person encounters a spreader three to four times in his life, he breaks, then considers it his luck. Our biggest weakness is that we pay the most attention to the weaknesses of others.

If he couldn't do it how would I do, He invested so much money, I still failed, How I will be able to, He was very smart in class, Her exam was not clear in the forefront of reading So how will mine be.

We always weaken ourselves by comparing ourselves to others Never compare yourself to others Elephant can't walk on tree So this does not mean that he is weaker than the monkey.

Swami Vivekananda said one thing Wake up and start moving Keep moving forward until you reach the goal Never think of yourself as weak is the biggest sin.

If you think you're weak Nothing can be achieved in life So this is your biggest misconception Look around you and see many people who are in a worse situation than you. But they have not given up.

As they are living the life they have accepted it and are always trying to move forward Whatever the circumstances, no problem is solved by giving up.

Someone once asked Mohammad Ali That after hitting so many answers fall into the ring Then what is the force that forces you to get up again and fight? So Mohammad Ali says that I tell myself once, stand once more and this time victory will be yours.

The front gets tired of beating and fighting, and when tired, I give my strongest attack on it.

Friends, keep your strength always and use this power at a time when the whole world will feel that now your game is over, now you will not be able to do anything You cannot even imagine the strength in a goal If you are fully dedicated to your goal, then no power in the world can stop you from reaching it.

Losing three, four or five times does not end your life's purpose But that goal gets even closer to you You get so much experience that next time you know which mistake to not make this time.

Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad used to say that if you enlarge the scope of your thinking, then nothing can stop you from creating history.

Ibrahim Lincoln, Henry Ford, Edition, Newton, Steve, Dhirubhai Ambani, Charlie Chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi Pick up any field in the world and you will definitely find people who have done amazing work in their fields.

So next time whenever you have a thoughtless idea of giving up or cursing your luck, tell yourself that I am not going to stop and no one can stop me.

Identify yourself, know your personality, know what field you are best in, and then start your work without any hesitation without any fear, you will definitely get success.

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